Every journey begins with a dream and the dream makes its way to get to the destination. This statement defines the entrepreneurial journey of Prof. Parag Shah. He did his MBA from IMDR in 1984. From his humble beginnings in a small town called Daund in Maharashtra, Prof. Parag Shah launched a series of successful ventures in the last three decades. He founded FLAME University in 2007 and is currently the Chief Mentor at MIDAS, an institution committed to foster Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Through MIDAS, his vision is to create 10,000 Entrepreneurs in India. He is also the Managing Director for Oxford Golf & Country Club – ranked the best Golf course in India, Asia.

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Prof. Parag Shah has been a serial Entrepreneur with several successful businesses in his portfolio. He believes that Entrepreneurs are made and not born. The ability to ‘Dream big and Dare to fail’ is his success mantra. Passion, commitment and perseverance are important ingredients for anyone to be successful. With this belief, he has mentored more than 250 Entrepreneurs and helped them launch their businesses successfully.

Prof. Parag Shah has authored ‘Antar Prerna’, his Entreprenurial memoir, in which he recalls his roller coaster journey to the top, sharing key experiences that he gleaned from his successes and failures. He also speaks at various national and international conferences on the topics related to Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Critical Thinking. He is on the jury of several innovation centres globally. He is a passionate educationist and a teacher.

Prof. Parag Shah has completely changed the way entrepreneurship education is done, by combining Strategy, Critical Thought and Innovation in his entrepreneurship program. He has also started a Product Development and Incubation Centre at MIDAS, which is necessary for entrepreneurs.


“Prof. Parag Shah awarded the prestigious award, “EDUCATION ICON”, Maharashtra, for his extraordinary work in the field of entrepreneurship education, by the Hon. Education Minister, Maharashtra Mr. Vinod Tawade”


“Entrepreneurs are made, not born” is the firm belief at MIDAS institute, translated from the thoughts of the institute’s founder, Prof. Parag Shah. Watch Prof. Shah’s TEDx Pune video to know how to dream big, and make it bigger in life

Antar Prerna is as much a book as it is an idea. The book is a 254-page business memoir penned by serial entrepreneur Prof. Parag Shah. The idea is defiantly simple. Antar = inner, Prerna = inspiration. (Not only does that sum up being an entrepreneur, it even sounds like the word.)

Prof. Parag believes “Entrepreneurs are made, not born”. And after 32 years of entrepreneurship, this book just proves it. Thumb through his failures, successes, and practical advice that can only come from someone who’s made it as an entrepreneur in India.

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