MIDAS Incubation Center

We at MIDAS believe that entrepreneurs are innovators all their life! Therefore, Incubation Centre is the most important part of MIDAS’ approach. It is the space where the student entrepreneurs actualize their dream.

At MIDAS, the focus is not just to provide a work space and basic office facilities; rather it involves creating a productive ecosystem to nurture a new product/business or innovate in an existing business setup. The incubation center at MIDAS provides its students with the necessary support system to form their own company, such as prototyping an idea, legal assistance, technical assistance and most importantly, business mentoring.

Mentoring forms an important part of incubation, where mentors from different fields interact with the students and provide guidance during the formation of their start-up. MIDAS mentors handhold the start-up company in the initial stages to help students get a good grasp on the basics of business and help avoid the common start-up mistakes.

The dedicated workshop area for Product Prototyping is equipped with following prototyping machines:

  • Fractal Works Julia 3D Printer
  • Zmorph 3D Printer – Capable of executing Polymer & Ceramic 3D printing, Dual color 3D printing, 2D & 3D milling, Laser cutting & engraving works
  • 3D Scanner – To generate computer models of existing 3D objects