MIDAS’ Master’s in Entrepreneurship program covers the 4 crucial steps (and everything in between) in the journey of being an entrepreneur, namely Idea generation, Building a viable Business Plan, Incubating the business and a Platform to seek funding.


Your 11 month journey at MIDAS’ takes you through the following milestones. Click on any milestone to read more about your exciting journey on the road to be a successful business man:


Program Architecture

Currently, most educational programs do not focus on synthesizing disparate data, using critical thinking skills and fostering creativity which are essential for an entrepreneur. Evolving from this understanding, MIDAS’ courses are based on 4 crucibles of thought: Effectuation, Critical Thinking, Innovation and Incubation.

EFFECTUATION, a principle introduced by Mrs.Sarasvathy in 2001, is an idea born out of a unique look at an age old problem – what makes entrepreneurs entrepreneurial? It is a way of thinking that serves the entrepreneurs in the process of opportunity identification and new venture creation.

CRITICAL THINKING becomes the most important tool for an entrepreneur to possess. The oldest and the most effective form for teaching Critical Thinking is Socratic teaching, in which the focus is not on providing answers, but to ask the right questions.

INNOVATION is a process of ideation, brainstorming and thought doctoring leads to the creation of exciting and innovative product ideas. Participants learn how to generate ideas taking into consideration rarity, value and their entrepreneurial fit.

INCUBATION at MIDAS is not just about providing a work space and basic office facilities; rather it involves creating a productive ecosystem to nurture a new product/business or to innovate in an existing business setup. MIDAS’ mentors handhold the start-up company in the initial stages to help students get a good grasp on the basics of business and help avoid the common start-up mistakes.