Foundation Courses

Foundation courses are designed to impart the mindset, knowledge and skills required by an entrepreneur.
Following are the courses covered under Foundation phase:

  • Entrepreneurial Strategy 1
  • Financing Business Ventures 1
  • Business Analytics
  • Marketing for Entrepreneurs 1
  • Critical Thinking
  • Entrepreneurial Economics
  • Legal Aspects for Business 1
  • Product Development and Innovation 1
  • Visual Thinking
  • Theatre
  • Public Speaking
  • MIDAS Expedition
  • Rural Immersion Program
  • Master’s Series

Applied Courses

As the name suggests, applied courses help students in understanding the application of aspects learnt in Foundation courses to real world situations.

Following are the courses covered under Applied phase:

  • Entrepreneurial Strategy 2
  • Financing Business Ventures 2
  • Entrepreneurship Integration
  • Marketing for Entrepreneurs 2
  • Sales Strategies for Entrepreneurs
  • Human Resource Management
  • Legal Aspects for Business 2
  • Product Development and Innovation 2
  • Creative Writing
  • Power and Politics
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Business Ethics
  • Discover India Entrepreneurial Project

Rural Immersion Program

Rural Immersion Program helps you understand rural markets, supply chains, rural consumers of India through field trips and personal interaction with the non-city dwellers. It helps you understand their problems, lifestyle, needs and their cultural & economic buying perspectives.

Awareness of this sector initiates you into designing products with a social benefit in mind and you also get to explore the potential of rural markets in India

MIDAS Expedition

The MIDAS expedition is aimed at making you to de-familiarise yourselves with the campus environment and approach the institute with a new perspective – perspective of an anthropologist, a photographer, a historian etc. With this you would gain a deeper appreciation for the complexity and richness of MIDAS which will enhance all aspects of your remaining time as students.

The aim is to hone your field observation skills to assist in future field work in more distant locales and learning through experience.

Discover India Entrepreneurial Project

In the DIEP, you get to explore the entrepreneurial aspects of a chosen city in India. You would be travelling to that city and stay there for at least 7 days to conduct thorough research. Through this activity, you apply the theoretical concepts from Effectuation, Critical Thinking etc. learnt in the classroom sessions.

Key take-away:

  • Practical experience to understand research
  • Explore the entrepreneurial traditions of the chosen city and learn from real life entrepreneurs


We at MIDAS believe that entrepreneurs are innovators all their life! Therefore, Incubation Centre is the most important part of MIDAS’ approach. It is the space where the student entrepreneurs actualize their dream. Read More

Family Business Growth Planning

MIDAS aims at building entrepreneurs who will be innovators, who can identify new opportunities and engage teams & investors to take their family business ahead. Hence, a dedicated course on Family Business Growth Planning is conducted during the Incubation phase for students who wish to join their family business. During the 11 month duration, they would get a better understanding of how businesses work and their systems & processes. They would be able to innovate new process, systems and products.

The course also focuses on the leadership profiling of the owner and successor and helps them understand each other better to help them with the process of transitioning into a family owned enterprise.

Jury Presentation

All MIDAS students are given an opportunity to present a comprehensive project report before an illustrious jury of experts & investors.

Students who want to pursue their product idea would be able to reach a stage where they can raise Angel Funding. They receive a valuable, enriching feedback & suggestions in return and if they are able to sell their dream to the jury members, they stand a chance to receive funding. MIDAS would make every effort to get the students connected to Angel Investors and assist them in presenting an effective pitch.