April 26, 2016

Venue:Taj Krishna, Hyderabad (Nov 21-22, 2014)
Topic: Dream Big, Dare to Fail – by Prof. Parag Shah


Yi Youth Conclave was held in the Nawab’s City of Hyderabad at Taj Krishna. The them was “Learn, Imagine, Explore”. Entrepreneurship is the way to solve the problems of this country. It is not as if there is a dearth of entrepreneurs. However, there is a need to encourage our graduates to be ‘job givers’ rather than ‘job seekers’.

The major thrust of this conclave was on civic responsibility, responsible leadership and youth entrepreneurship. The main purpose was to learn and explore lessons from real life encompassing these areas and imagining a resurgent India equipped to march ahead. Over 125 people from the industry as well as young, budding entrepreneurs attended this event.

Yi was founded as an organization to be the voice of Young Indians globally. It is also a platform to engage with the young leaders of India and to channelize their energy and potential towards building youth leadership, engaging in nation building activities and representing India in relevant international platforms. Yi has 34 chapters as of today and is looking to add another 5 in the current year.

CII and Yi enjoy a parent-child relationship. CII, the country’s premier trade body, envisioned the need for a platform to engage with the young leaders of this country and that’s how Yi has come into existence.

Prof. Parag Shah, who has founded MIDAS to encourage entrepreneurs to bring to life their ideas in the marketplace, was a keynote speaker at the event. He is currently the Chief Mentor of MIDAS an acronym for Management, Innovation, Design, Arts and Social Sciences. Prof. Shah is the Former Chairman and the Founder Director of Foundation for Liberal and Management Education (FLAME) in Pune. He is also the Managing Director of Oxford Golf and Country Club, ranked the best golf course in Asia. Prof. Shah’s passion for work is reflected in the series of successful ventures he has initiated: starting a chain of Photofinishing Labs, becoming India’s biggest distributor for Nestle in their vending machine operations, launching several Real Estate projects and building and developing over 30 million sq.ft. of space and venturing into education by starting FLAME and now, MIDAS.

At the event, Prof. Shah narrated his life experiences and encouraged the audience, which consisted of aspiring entrepreneurs, to not give up on their entrepreneurial dreams despite the hurdles they may face along the way. His concluding remarks included an excerpt from one of Rudyard Kipling’s works, “If you can Dream… and not make dreams your master.If you can think and not make thoughts your aim. If you can meet with triumph and disaster, and treat those two imposters just the same, You will be Man, my son!”


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