October 11, 2017
Those who visited our campus in the past month know that the campus was studded with many young entrepreneurs from Europe. Most of them had come down from Spain while a few hailed from Netherlands to pursue an entrepreneurial exchange program in India. These student-entrepreneurs study a course affiliated to the Mondragon University in Spain just like our Indian students.

We had the privilege to talk to a few and indulge in a healthy exchange of views on entrepreneurship. We asked them what entrepreneurship means to each one of them and at a drop of a hat, Sara a young Spanish lady exclaimed, ‘For me, entrepreneurship is freedom!’.

Entrepreneurship is freedom
Sara got us hooked to her statement but moreover, it was the exuberance and unadulterated conviction with which she expressed her idea that took us by storm.

‘For me, entrepreneurship is freedom. It is an opportunity to live your dream, go wherever you want to, do what pleases you and still earn money, faith and fame,’ she continued in her Spanish accent.

When we further asked this under-grad student (now in her second last year) what was that one thing that made her choose entrepreneurship at such a young age over security and stability that a job would offer she instantly replied, ‘I have always been my own hero. I was never inclined towards working under someone. I am experimenting with two or three business ideas right now and I have different partners with whom I get along very well, but that’s because we are doing our own thing, experimenting, stumbling and succeeding. The high entrepreneurship gives you is unmatchable!’ grinned Sara and we grinned back at her with admiration.

Sara, in the MIDAS’ incubation centre as she talks to us.

She also thanked MIDAS for being her mediator and incubator in India and also for being a successful institute in honing the skills of her new Indian friends on the campus. She said she would like to urge more and more people to join such unique entrepreneurship course especially with Mondragon University who gives shape and direction to one’s burning desire to soar high.

If you think like Sara, you think like an entrepreneur
Sara’s spirit and thought process is an indication that she’s a true blue entrepreneur. Her faith in her ideas, in herself and her co-workers is immense. If you see even a tiny bit of yourself in her or if this inspires you and gets you itchy to follow your heart on your dream journey, let us tell you, you too belong to the true blue entrepreneur league.

All you have to do is, take that leap of faith, bestow your belief in us and we will walk hand-in-hand with you till you launch your own business (not to forget the VC funding and lifetime mentorship) and soar like a vibrant kite.

Admissions for our 11-month intensive ‘Master’s in Open Innovation and Global Entrepreneurship Program’ are now open. Course commences from 3rd August 2015. To know more click here.