“But darling… in the end, you’ve got to be your own hero…”

Said some wise soul. And budding entrepreneurs around the world, need to keep repeating this phrase to themselves, every single day.

You ask why? Because entrepreneurship is not a fancy forbidden fruit like it’s portrayed to be. It’s a journey of a thousand miles, and a tough one at that.

You start out with an entrepreneurial dream and your one winning idea. You put the resources in place and start working toward your goals. You even hire one or two people who can walk with you in your entrepreneurial journey. You work with them, with a shared dream of success, to ensure that your idea sees the light of the day.

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But what do you do when the initial people you hire, do not feel as passionately as you do about your idea? What do you do when they quit and walk away? What do you do when you run out of money? When your investors demand a return on investment, while your business is just in the teething stage? You are scrambling just to hold one. Little by little, your self belief is slipping away. Bit-by-bit, you do the unthinkable: you start doubting your dream.

That’s exactly when you need to remember the above-mentioned quote. You need to look within and find your own hero.

Look at William Nobrega of CQS International. In early 2014, the American entrepreneur was broke and living in a small, windowless room in Hong Kong after personal catastrophes and the failure of his start up. He had a new business idea, but no funding to go forward. That however didn’t stop Nobrega from persevering and working toward his dream. As a former member of the U.S. Army Special Forces, I lived by the motto, ‘Failure is not an option,  says Nobrega. Against all odds, he created CQS international, already valued at more than $170 million (Read more at: forbes.com/sites/joshsteimle).

That’s the difference between all the successful entrepreneurs and the not-so-successful ones. The successful ones go on even when it looks like the whole world is conspiring against them to bring them down. When all hope is lost and nothing inspires them, they simply look within and find their strength, their hidden heros, who come out only during absolute unexplainable hopelessness.

“New hires have quit? No qualms; I can work alone and save up on some salaries! Investors are pulling out? No issues. I will use my gift of gab to find new ones; until then, I will make my plans and visual profit theory even stronger. My passion is running out? No harm done; I will look within and simply find my hero.” This is how winners think.

So, however easy it is for us to say this, do not give up; especially when the world stops believing in your business ideas and entrepreneurial dream. Get up, brush off the shame of failure and hopelessness and ride on your inner strength, your hero.

Moreover, in this uber competitive age, you are hardly alone. Gone is the day when you had to do everything alone to nurture your ideas and build a business. We at MIDAS are here, precisely to see you through your entrepreneurial journey. We may not spoon-feed you the success formulas, but we’ll hold your hand through the long road of your entrepreneurial journey. We will teach you to trust your judgments, hone you to build a strong leader within, and patiently mentor you forever. Moreover, we will definitely not give up on you, when the world calls your ideas hairbrained.

We will gently prod you to find the hero within you, who will help you become a successful entrepreneur.

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