October 11, 2017
People with gumption and bravado thrive on opportunities to progress, explore and push the envelope. These Entrepreneurs who aspire to reach the stars feel completely at home at MIDAS. They have every reason to! At MIDAS, the entrepreneurship spirit is nurtured and tended to.

At MIDAS, entrepreneurship is not taught, it is lived in every essence, by every aspect, and in all facets. Holistic development, hands-on approach and going beyond the realms of books are the pillars of entrepreneurial development.

Walk in the MIDAS hallways on any given day and one can be a witness to an action-packed day. A junction of all things practical and energy packed, MIDAS is the epitome of a hands-on teaching- learning pedagogy. Chief Mentor Prof. Parag Shah and Director Academics Mr Avinash Bhavri set the stage for the upcoming weeks by infusing the right amounts of motivation and call to action. The pedagogy is explained and every nuance of the course is unfolded to the participants. The journey towards being a successful entrepreneur is imbued with an amalgamation of classroom teaching, interacting with stalwarts and going beyond the classroom walls, to places where the actual work and process happen.

Classroom sessions, the quintessential building block of any lifelong learning is full of action and new horizons to explore. Ranging from Theatre to Entrepreneurial Strategy Development, all the dimensions of Entrepreneurship development are deliberated. The day commences with theatre workshops by Prof Prasad Vanarase. Theatre unlocks the mind and instills a surreal sense of freedom to let the mind wander and touch the depths of creativity.

Critical thinking, the cornerstone of entrepreneurship course is expertly facilitated by Chief Mentor Dr Parag Shah. Through a unique method called “Effectuation”, new approaches of doing business are imparted. Participants are prodded to share their thoughts, overcome fears and draw a mental map of their envisioned life. Dr Shirsa Sathe through the essential principals of Psychology takes all on a journey of self discovery and analyzing one’s strengths and weaknesses. Veterans like Dr Komal Deshpande, Prof Darshan Doshi and Dr Thorat walk the talk with the participants , may it be accountancy or mind boggling economics. Tete a tete over a morning stroll, or rendezvous around a bonfire also become a “classroom” of sorts. Learning at MIDAS is not limited by four walls.

Unique pedagogy like Rhetoric and Critical writing by Prof Jeffrey Sichel is used deftly to sharpen the business writing skills of students while fluency in English as a language of Business Communication is instilled under the expert guidance of Prof Pramod Dhume. Stalwarts from different walks of life may it be industry, medicine or the academia fire the imagination of the participants, enabling them to have a wholesome view of the business world.

Walking the walk is an equally critical part of the curriculum at MIDAS. Participants are taken on industry visits to have a real time experience of manufacturing and business processes. This gives them a deep and lasting understanding of critical and agile technology, the genesis of consumed products and services and the guiding philosophy of every business.

Every participant meets an undiscovered and unexplored side of himself at Adventure Camp. The rigours of rafting, trekking, cycling and mountaineering give each a reality check and fathom one’s potentials. It teaches a wise lesson that one’s potential is only limited by one’s mind. Where the mind dares, the fear is conquered. The scenic backdrop of these adventure camps enables one to take stock of learning done and frees the mind of self imposed barriers.

At MIDAS, the journey begins with the first step and learning at every step. Be it in classroom or beyond, the entrepreneur is given a 360 degree view of what entails to be an entrepreneur. At the Entrepreneurs’ Junction, the entrepreneur in MIDAS unleashes his full potential; comes a full circle.