Who is the PGDM program for?

This program is for every individual who aspires to start his or her own business. There are few skillsets you would already have, and many that would be built over 11 months at MIDAS.

What is the criteria for me to join the PGDM Course

The application form needs to be duly filled with all your details and a minimal fee of Rs. 1000, post which an online test would be conducted to understand your Entrepreneurial Quotient. A skype call with the Chief Mentor would then be conducted and if selected a face-to-face round with Admissions Committee shall be held. On selection you would be notified via email and call from the Admissions Department.

Can I join the course even if I don’t have any idea?

Yes you can. The course starts with the concept of idea generation which entails you to come up with as many ideas as possible. If you don’t have an idea, this is the place which would enable you to generate more than you can ever think of!

Would you help me get a job if I don’t want to start a business by end of 11 months?

Since this is an entrepreneurship program, you are always supposed to start your own business or build on your family business. In case towards end of 11 months you are not able to do either (which has never been the case at MIDAS), you can consult with our mentors to chart your way ahead, but there are no job placements given out.

I already have a family business which I would join. Would the PGDM help me in this business still?

Definitely the MIDAS program would help in your family business. The entire course is designed in a manner where the students decide after few months if they would like to work on starting a new business or expand their family business. The mentors work separately for those students, in a manner for them to get acquainted with what the family business entails and how can he or she best contribute towards it.

Isn’t the duration of 11 months a short time to start a business?

Our experience of last few years suggests that this is an apt time, and the course is intensive enough to pace students beyond the ordinary.

How many participants have launched their own ventures?

80% of our alumni have launched their own businesses over time and balance have opted to join their family businesses

I have never stayed out of home. Is the campus safe for girls?

MIDAS Campus is a residential place, with strict regulations and guidelines in place. Discipline has always been of utmost importance here, which is why many parents have entrusted their child’s care in our hands. With a full time warden in place along with few faculty staying on campus as well, this place is very safe for both boys and girls

How many exams do I have to give in this course?

Everyday is an exam for an entrepreneur in the making but there are no formal examinations a student has to sit for. It is a credit based system which needs to be completed in the 11 months time frame.

What if I need assistance beyond 11 months for my business?

All alumni is most welcome to use the Incubation Centre post completion of course, to grow their business ahead. It is complimentary for first month after graduation, post which a minimal fee needs to be paid. More details can be obtained by writing to info@midas.com

Do I get assured funding to start my business?

There is no assured funding offered for your business. Basis the idea you chose to go ahead with, a detailed study of funds required is done and various opportunities given for you to present to investors. There are many instances before, where students have obtained funding owing to great idea, conviction and ability to execute, from investors and even Chief Mentor alike.