When asked an enthusiastic to-be entrepreneur, what entrepreneurship would be all about on a day-to-day basis, he said “Entrepreneurship is… about dreaming big and coming up with path-breaking ideas. It’s about going the extra mile, and taking your ideas forward.. with grit and gumption.” Entrepreneurship is definitely all of that. But you if you thought that its ‘only’ about all the jazzy and inspiring things, let me break your bubble and list three not-so-exciting tasks that most start-up entrepreneurs need to be prepared to do:


Cleaning your own office:

Yes, when you invest big money in a new venture, or have other people investing in your dream venture, you need to be frugal and save every single penny; that means, you need to pick up the broom and double up as the office cleaner as well. Don’t worry, this will only make you a more humble leader and a disciplined one at that.

Brewing your tea and doing the dishes:

If you have a lot of money to splurge, after taking care of your technology needs, hiring a few employees, and managing all the other office essentials, you can afford to have someone deliver tea for you at work. But if you want to be the frugal and shrewd entrepreneur, it is more likely that you have to brew your own tea and do your own dishes at your make-shift work table and pantry.

Playing the role of a handy man, receptionist, HR personnel, operations manager, copier, and CEO at one go:

Some people are lucky to get enough initial seeding money to have a full-fledged office team. And you would get there too, but until you do, you need to be the receptionist directing prospective consumers and interviewees to your office; you need to be the HR deciding the salaries of new hires and the operations personal deciding the processes and plans of work; you might also need to be a handyman sometimes or the office help printing photocopies and filing papers. Doing all this will only make you a well-rounded hands-on entrepreneur.

It’s these small things that make businesses tick and the petty jobs that make big achievements more worthwhile. And that’s exactly what the mentors at MIDAS, an institute for entrepreneurship development, propagate. The experiential learning method of the entrepreneurship development program at MIDAS makes you ready to deal with all the ‘small’ and not-so-small endeavors of entrepreneurship. It’s such a well-rounded youth entrepreneurship program that you will be trained to take on the world of entrepreneurship with a smile and tons of resourcefulness.

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