Research has proven that when you live your life with passion, you add 8 hours of joy to your life. Following one’s passion is to thrive in an environment, in an ecosystem. Who better than the father of the digital revolution, Steve Jobs would know what passion means. He once said, “When you do a thing with passion, you tend to persevere it through hard times, the rest just call it quits.” Passion is something you give your full force of attention and energy to. Essentially, the question pops up, how do we understand what we are passionate about? How do we realize what we connect better to? And how we can make it happen? Mindful Entrepreneurship program help you to uncover your latent passion. Here are a few ways in which you can explore your passion:

How to find your passion-MIDAS

Follow your dreams, what it really means?
Many times we have been told about following our dreams, but where do we really start? Look back at the moment when you were in your element and you were in your flow and that thing just came out naturally to you, sans the efforts. That is exactly where your talent lies.

Find out what you love doing and are good at:
The best way to find out this is from your peers and family members. There are times when your mother or father have pointed out to a phenomenal aspect that lies within yourself, like adept writing, singing, oratory skills, sense of humor, negotiation skills etc. Also, ask your friends or family this unique question, “How do I make a difference in your life?” You would probably get really funny responses, but filter down some genuine ones and you will uncover the answer to your passion. CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos emphasizes, “Pick something you think is interesting and have the intersection of genuinely creating customer value and then stay right there and let the wave catch you.”

Multiple streams of curiosity lead to passion:
Once you know what you love doing, you must list down things that you are curious about, you wonder about. Then draw a Venn diagram to place first three things in the circles and you will see the intersection of all the things you want to explore doing, have the energy, raise your dopamine levels and gives you an adrenaline rush – this is nothing but identifying your passion.

Passion Leads to Purpose:
Now take the list of passion and match them up with the 10 challenges that you think can be addressed with your passion. For e.g. during the internet wave, many internet companies were passionate about the internet and they merged this very passion with the purpose to connect the world. This is how you can impregnate your life with a sense of achievement and significance.

Find The Thing That You Fear to Share:
Has there been a thing you really love doing but are fearful of sharing it with others? For e.g. you like to write, but fear that publishers won’t accept your draft or you may be criticized for the writing style by the readers. You feel this way because you really care about it, you have nurtured it throughout. That thing is nothing but your passion, which comes effortlessly.

Persevere To Find Your Passion:
Even if you are not aware of where you will be 5 years from now, it is okay. Take the surprises in your career and job path. Keep finding your passion, don’t give up. Keep trying to find newer avenues that would satiate your dream or passion. Be interested, be on the lookout for every little opportunity where you could showcase your talent or love for the particular area. Illustrious author J.K. Rowling had the idea of the legendary Harry Potter in 1997, and she actually completed writing the series at the age of 42. The writing was a long drawn passion for her, which required a lot of perseverance. The ultimate is phenomenal success.

MIDAS’s Transcend module helps you to understand yourself better through the most important people and environments in which you operate. Akash Rathi, a student at MIDAS, experienced the Transcend module and he has a takeaway to share with us. He says, “Transcend has 3 subdivisions. They are Awareness, Acceptance and Action. To unearth our true passion, it was important for us to understand the true meaning of compassion, anger, accomplishment, and judgments. Passion lies at the core of your future business. To find passion one must expand the comfort zone, as the world needs your innovation and it is your duty to make it count. Through a classroom discussion, I could discover my passion in research. I realized that I really like doing research. It satisfies me.”

However, finding your passion is not an easy task. So, find your passion, see what drives you, and brainstorm around it. Then, give them a go, who knows where they will take you.

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