Imagine holding a book in hand and not knowing where the characters will take you. Or perhaps holding a pen and allowing all those childhood fantasies, cliché situations, breathtaking protagonists, and imaginary places to come out. Sounds almost unreal for a person who has never read a book or written creatively right? But what if we told you that it could be possible no matter how old you are. And that you could not just write but also be in the shoes of those characters and feel everything they go through! If you are wondering how are we speaking with so much confidence? You have to visit MIDAS and let the magic unfold. Here, students learn in a holistic environment. We are listing five important points as to why should Entrepreneurs learn Creative Writing and Theatre.


  1. Critical Thinking – When we read/write about a character, it gives us the honour to know about their characteristics. Their likes, dislikes, failures, and strength. Whether it is enacting a character on stage or writing about one! Creative Writing & Theatre helps entrepreneurs with their critical thinking skills and decision making and that’s how they apply this knowledge for their companies in the future. After all, the more different personalities you know, the better it is for you and your business.
  2. Accepting Critics – A critic is a person who expresses an unfavourable opinion on something, this is very much common in the artistic world. The major part of a thespian (theatre actor) or a writer is to accept critics positively and whole-heartedly. When Entrepreneurs start experiencing the life of writers and theatre actors, they eventually agree with critics. This proves beneficial in the long run for them because tomorrow if someone criticizes something concerning their business. It will be very helpful for them to agree and have the courage to push themselves and become better.
  3. Empathetic – It is not an unfamiliar fact, that the leaders who understand their employees have a better chance to achieve great heights in business than the ones who just care about themselves and their companies. Making the employees feel that your business dream, is their business dream produces better results and it will ensure that your employees are truly giving their best rather than having those who just believe in following a 9-5 life. Enacting various character roles or for that fact even writing about them, gives our residential entrepreneurs the privilege to feel vulnerable, powerful, and empathetic towards these protagonists and antagonists. Allowing them to connect and understand different character aspects as well as emotions. This further helps our students to comprehend their employees and have a lifelong fruitful relationship with them.
  4. Resilience – Resilience means to recover quickly from difficulties and that’s exactly what theatre teaches an individual. Whether it’s an audition or a power pact performance, every actor encounters failure at some point. The feeling of standing in front of an audience and portraying the exact emotions of the character is not an easy task, there are innumerable failures. However, theatre always teaches you one thing in the end, which is to get up and never stop trying. This is what the entrepreneurs learn every time they face difficulties while acting out a character. They learn how to get up and face the situation again, they learn how to be resilient. 
  5. Originality – All of us would be knowing at least one such business idea which failed due to the lack of originality. So many businesses open and close because they are not bringing anything new to the table. Creative Writing teaches you, in fact, it pushes you to think out of the box and give your best. That is how an entrepreneur learns to be creative and apply new ideologies and techniques.


If there’s a place wherein new-age entrepreneurs are born, it’s right here at MIDAS.  There are many more modules like Creative Writing and Theatre which enhance the overall skills and gives birth to ‘Impeccable Entrepreneurs.’