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Businesses launched at MIDAS

Family Business V2.0

Key resources available at MIDAS Incubation Centre include

Idea Bank

If you are sure you want to become an entrepreneur, and don't have an idea, the MIDAS idea bank of more than 3000 ideas will accelerate your path to success.

Business Coaches

Coaches with an entrepreneurial background who work with not just new businesses but established ones too, have a wealth of information for practical business knowledge.

Vendor Panel

No business exists on its own. You need a number of vendors right from company formation to website making to customer surveys to product prototyping. MIDAS has a vendor panel where your idea needs to plug and play to get started

Co-Working Space

Working on a business requires collaboration, and the incubation centre provides a great source with the spaces it offers. Ergonomically designed, Creative and open spaces for ideas to never stop flowing.

Industry Experts

Specialists from various industries are a part of the panel which helps entrepreneurs in the incubation center to gain valuable insights and remove most possibilities of error while working on the business


While knowledge is not just found in books, few of them are still to be read. The library houses some great authors who inspire, lead and dictate the norms of entrepreneurship.