If you are looking for a family business management course in India, the PGCM in Entrepreneurship would be the perfect choice as the program works with you and all the stakeholders to induct and establish your role in the family-owned business. A roadmap that starts with a business diagnostic where all family members in the business are included sets the path of further process.

The PGCM in Entrepreneurship is among the best family business management courses in India, as many heirs to the business undergo this program for taking their business ahead. This is done through a structured approach as below:

Business Diagnostic

Involves systemized in-depth understanding of the business and its health. The process takes into consideration the external environment as well as all key functional areas of the business. This helps the next generation understand the business in detail and create a roadmap for themselves. Active participation of the family members is required at this stage. This makes the MIDAS program unique among the various MBA in Family Business Management programs offered in the country.

The role of the next generation in the family business is the most consequential decision in the long term success of the business. This decision requires students’ capabilities, interests, skills and attitudes to be aligned with the business area.

Role Identification or Identifying areas of Expertise

Charting a Roadmap

The program will empower students in creating a trajectory over a specified time period of business goals to be achieved, setting key deliverables along with an action plan and detailing the goals down to execution level actionable. Learning more about Entrepreneurship and Innovation propels them towards a successful future. Our program, unlike other MBA in Family Business Management programs in the country, emphasises on individual student journey and building customised roadmaps for them.

Succession planning is about planning and executing a smooth transition of leadership positions of the organization.The purpose of succession planning is to make sure the company always has the right leaders in place. For a family business , succession plan ensures orderly transition of management and ownership to the next generation of the family. This includes establishing goals, decision making process, succession plan and transition plan. Key members of the family business under the guidance of the expert Coaches follow a systematic process which is supported by open communication.

Succession Planning

Inducting NewGen Ideas

Exposure to real business experiences and global practices gives the next generation clear ideas on taking the business forward and expanding beyond the legacy. Knowledge of Entrepreneurship and Innovation will help the next generation leaders to take their family business to the next level. 

The family business management track is ideal for young minds looking to enter their family business, but not sure of where to start from and how to contribute to an already established enterprise.