This is my story of how I did not become a successful entrepreneur.

My entrepreneurial dream:

I had a dream, like many others, to run my own business. After working in a very niche field in India, academic editing, I wanted to run my own academic editing business.

It’s a distinguished field with a great potential. The core offering of the business is to edit research papers for English grammar, sentence structure, technical details and so on. It’s essentially like copy editing, but much serious; because academic editing involves correcting manuscripts by eminent scientists before the manuscripts are sent to international journals for publication.

That’s what I did for a living at my previous work place. I was a Senior Academic Editor, wherein I started out by editing biotechnology manuscripts, until I became a team leader wherein I ran quality checks on the manuscripts edited by freelance editors. These freelancers were researchers, PhD students, and even doctors from the US and UK working part time as editors.

Bit-by-bit, I began loving the whole business model. As my work became mechanical, I started taking more interest in how the business was being run and also found out how this was a niche unexploited territory in the Indian business scene. When I read J.K. Rowling’s Harvard Commencement speech, I couldn’t take the monotony of my work life anymore and had to give wings to my entrepreneurial dreams.

How I became an entrepreneur

I decided to quit my job, freelance as a writer for a while, and then figure out my entrepreneurial ambition. And freelance happily I did. I also saved enough money to sail me through my start up days. But I lacked the conviction in my business idea and the courage to take the final plunge. After a yea