As a leader, you influence the behavior of people around you. How you conduct yourself with your teammates and juniors makes a big difference in their productivity and overall behavior. That is why being a positive and self aware leader is the best and only way to lead. Self awareness is the key to effective leadership. The main purpose of a leader is to create a wholesome work environment and motivate them to work towards a better future for themselves and the company. Encouraging innovation, relationship building, etc. makes a positive difference in productivity, satisfaction, and happiness at work for employees. The important thing to remember as a leader is that you are as powerful as your team deems you to be.

A true leader doesn’t need a follower base. People who agree to the ways of their leader willingly follow him/her. They enthusiastically adopt his/her vision, and do everything in their power to put it into practice. Positive leaders strive for excellence. They are humble and hungry at the same time. A proficient leader gets as many goal-oriented people as possible under one shared objective and uses their energies to execute the plans for the organization. An attitude of walking on eggshells is not something that a positive leader will have or promote. The skill to unite all the forces, put them under the same roof, and lead them to the common goal is truly the backbone of successful management.

It is vital for a leader to remember that communication is key in his role. They must create a safe environment for employees to feel comfortable and talk about any subject whether work-related or personal. Alongside, they must help and encourage teammates to experiment with new ideas, share information, and challenge the status quo. Positive leaders challenge their employees to work in their areas of energy and maximize their knowledge. When an employee has a passion and skill for something, it is a leader who helps them unlock their full potential.

Positive leadership looks simple, but it is easier said than done. It requires you to have a positive mindset even when it seems the hardest to do so. It requires you to embrace positive possibilities but that doesn’t mean you don’t see reality. Sometimes you have to face criticism and doubt yourself but in spite of all that you have to trust your instinct and look at the hidden potential in your team members. Not every day is hunky-dory. Things can go terribly wrong sometimes and as a leader, you have to accept liability for the risks the organization undergoes and prepare for any potential unrest amongst your team.

The most important lesson in leadership is that dictatorship doesn’t work. It is often a matter of debate. While some believe that leadership is about having genuine relationships with each employee and showing them care, others argue that legitimate authority and respect play a key role. Positive leadership is like walking a tightrope. Finding the right balance is so important as a leader. Be the change you want to see in your team and raise the bar from time to time and they will surprise themselves in a positive way when you enable them with your positive leadership.