Entrepreneurs Are Made,

Not Born - Entrepreneurship Workshop by MIDAS

MIDAS Business Coaches travel across the country, through various cities conducting enthralling Entrepreneurship workshop in India for budding entrepreneurs. These workshops called ‘Entrepreneurs are Made, not Born’ give a glimpse of what it takes to become an Entrepreneur in India and how to effectively join your Family Business to grow it further. These workshops are sessions filled with activities, interactions that highlights the entire roadmap on How to become a successful entrepreneur.

If you dream of becoming an entrepreneur then you cannot miss this workshop!

It's limited seating! Hurry up, register with us and we will keep you posted on our upcoming workshop.

-933Days -15Hours -59Minutes -12Seconds
  • City : Raipur
  • Day / Date: 29th September 2018
  • City : Pune
  • Day / Date : 16th November 2018
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